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Logistics and storage optimisation – also a case for REFA Consulting

The purpose of this optimisation is to plan, to control and to coordinate the high and complex performance requirements of logistics, including its systems and sections. For this each company requires an individual logistics optimisation tailored to its specific demands and requirements. Benefit from REFA Consulting as your competent partner.

Determination of saving potentials

The determination of saving potential is a permanent issue with considerable exploitation possibility, particularly in logistical systems such as storage, stock-picking units or also in distribution logistics. The vast and complex know-how of our experienced consultants is available to you as and when you need it.

Improvement of material flow and storage optimisation

Storage logistics has many facets in practice. The key word “throughput times” can bring it to the point as a crucial measurable success factor. The challenge: to continuously make optimisations, to reduce storage costs and to nevertheless keep production flexible. We are your direct partner for this.

Time studies and process optimisations in logistical systems

For many companies time studies and process optimisation in storage, stock-picking and in production logistics represent cost-saving potentials which have not yet been tackled. Our consultants assist you to identify these potentials and to also realise them effectively.

Reorganisation of storage systems

More aggressive international competition pushes companies to reduce costs and throughput times in storage systems and to simultaneously increase their degree of delivery service. Key factors are the optimisation of inventories and the design of efficient logistical processes. Comprehensive management of the entire storage system – which we develop and introduce together with you – offers considerable potentials.