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Organisation consulting for industrial companies – from pro to pro

There has been a noticeable change in the so-called indirect areas of industrial firms for several years. Entire processes are called into question, the handling of costs is fundamentally readjusted – just to mention two key terms. Our consulting helps you to ensure efficiency and productivity throughout the processes.

Optimisation of administrative processes

It is precisely in the optimisation of administrative processes that considerable time reserves and potentials in cost reduction can be identified. REFA is your partner for reorganisation projects and process optimisation in companies. The following are topics where you can fully benefit from our know-how:

  • design of work tasks
  • process optimisation, taking account also of the demographic change
  • time studies, evaluation and determination of target times
  • determination of personnel requirement


Examination of organisations

The systematic examination of an organisation is a basic requirement for

  • process evaluations
  • process renewals and restructurings.
  • Whatever way you would like to go: we are your partner and assist you according to your needs.


Coaching on reorganisation

Reorganisation projects have to overcome many hurdles influenced by human nature. But also different views on both the employer and the employee side have a noticeable “slow-down” effect on such projects. As a coach with comprehensive practical experience REFA Consulting can tackle arising problems right from the start with suitable solutions.