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Process optimisation – first hand knowledge from REFA Consulting

Process analyses and the subsequent process optimisation serve to make existing business- and production processes more efficient and to improve the necessary resources in a continuous and sustainable way. For this purpose REFA Consulting applies the tools of Industrial Engineering.

Process analysis and optimisation

Analyse with our specialists your processes in production, in work preparation, for setup procedures, in maintenance and in logistics (storage, dispatch, picking).
Determine key figures and use them as a base for targeted rationalisation measures.

Rationalisation and restructuring to reduce costs

Once improvement potentials have been identified, rationalisation- and restructuring measures become concrete. They make it possible to develop ways to reduce production costs. REFA Consulting guides and supports you with practical assistance and advice.

Production planning and control – we show optimisation potentials

You can optimise your production by evaluating your material flow through a weak-point analysis and by determining the optimisation potential through process analyses. What are you waiting for? We are glad to advise you.

Coaching and consulting on the introduction of modern production systems

Rely on the know-how of our licensed REFA consultants when it comes to the introduction or further development of value stream design, ERP systems, Kaizen, lean production, value analysis, Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) and other methods.
REFA Consulting ensures that consulting or coaching even in such modern production systems always follows the principle “From practical use, for practical use”.