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Time studies and activity sampling with “Time Pro”

Time study results are used for a wide variety of purposes, for example in projects to improve and rationalise workflows and processes, to set performance targets, as elements for standard times, for calculation, comparisons and much more. REFA Consulting belongs to the “inventor organisation”. It is part of our REFA core competence to advise companies in time management.

Implementation of time studies

Use our methods which have been tried and tested for decades to carry out time studies in production, in the indirect areas such as maintenance and in administration or office work places. The solutions are in accordance with employers’ and employees’ representatives and are thus neutral.

Verification of existing time studies

We verify – with all neutrality – already existing time studies of your company. Employers’ and employees’ representatives thus obtain an objective base for issues related to remuneration, distribution times, allowance time surcharge and considerations on the performance grade.

Time studies as a data base for cost accounting and controlling systems

In many cost accounting- and controlling systems the issue of time data/standard time catalogue has been neglected in recent years. We help you to determine relevant time components to do accurate calculations and precise costing.

Coaching and accompanying seminars in time studies

Your employees receive coaching in time studies and in the determination of standard times. This enables them to carry out time studies according to the proven REFA methods. Accompanying seminars and workshops will expand the circle of time studies experts in your company.

Implementation of activity sampling

Activity sampling enables you to make observations on the time structure of work processes at time intervals. As part of a REFA allowance time study it is possible, for example, to determine the distribution of a worker’s activity.