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Your personal consultant

REFA consultants have a longstanding professional experience in different areas of industry in specialist and executive functions. They know the practice-proven REFA methods and have at least five years experience in consulting or coaching. This means: “they know what they are talking about and what to recommend”.
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Our team of consultants – about 100 experts – enables us to take on all requested measures and to carry them out in a success-oriented way. For out-of-the-ordinary tasks (with regards to topic, extent, level of specialisation) we can provide the necessary capacities on short notice through our network.
Two specific identifiers of REFA consultants

Only experts who satisfy our standards receive the sought-after “REFA Consulting” licence. This serves a quality mark for you.
We provide you with a professional profile of each REFA consultant who we propose to you, so that you can form your own opinion.