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REFA Chronos – the original

Flexible, robust, safe and efficient – these are the strong points of REFA Chronos, the new data capturing device for work flow- and time management and for Industrial Engineering. The REFA original combines methodological competence with the most advanced data processing technologies and ergonomic handling.
REFA Chronos was developed to carry out time studies and activity sampling. Using a touch screen the device can safely be read even in full sunlight and at an acute viewing angle – it can also be used when wearing gloves. REFA Chronos is well-equipped for harsh industrial use (protection class IP54 and fall protection of up to 1 m), can be operated intuitively and its functions are self-explanatory for the most. It provides direct and quick access to all measuring functions.
  REFA Chronos – your mobile partner to carry out time studies

  • cyclic and non-cyclic work cycle elements
  • allowance time studies
  • recording for multiple position work and group work
  • setting options include surcharge rates and target values such as Epsilon, agreed upon at company level
  • reliable assessment of performance rates via slide control
  • possible pre-selection for area of performance rating
  • time types as REFA standard, extended and usable for allowance time determination
  • constant information on Epsilon and n’ during the study
  • up to 200 work cycle elements make it possible to also record extensive activities
  • up to 4 stop watches
  • assigning different characteristics as subsequent sorting criteria
  • explanations on the measured value
  • comprehensive description of the work system (REFA time study sheet Z1/Z2)
  • recording notes during the study in form of text and graphic (freehand graphic)
  • easy production of studies on a PC and on REFA Chronos.
  REFA Chronos – the technical details

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  • USB interface for data transfer and updates
  • provision of data in Excel

 Evaluation software:

  • standard evaluation according to REFA methods
  • statistical evaluation per cycle
  • sending studies by e-mail
  • output in the format of REFA time study sheets „Z“
  • digital output as pdf-file
  • protocols on time measurements and executed changes
  • export of data to Excel

Delivery contents:
  • time study device REFA Chronos
  • device software fully pre-installed
  • PC programme provided on data carrier
  • handbook, bag with shoulder straps
  • 36-month warranty period
  • optional  product upgrade: spare battery, WLAN connection, REFA Chronos hotline